I Know You

The Coup

[Boots] E, look man look

[E-Roc] Yeah wassup man

[B] It's that cop man, the one that sent my potna to the hospital

Hey pull over, come on

[E] Coup let's with this hamhock motherfucker, there we go

[B] Hey pig, yeah, remember me?

Verse One: Boots

I know you motherfucker, know where you live

You're the cop that knocked in my partner Greg Wiggins' ribs

And it wasn't in a trip cause he's not a dealer or a pimp

But now he walks with a permanent limp

And pig you make my gut crimp cause my whole family got knocked

Walcy Hawkins and her son's up in double-rock

And it don't stop to the funky beat

Till my people get together and kick you pigs off the street

I grit my teeth why can't I be like Rodney with a camcorder?

Seems we need one every time you get a court order

Or pull me over in order to check identification

I'm in the back of your car with a bruise or laceration

You're in the hood and it's one more disaster

We know you're here to protect and serve the master

Next time you roll through push the gas a little faster

I'll turn your blue suit purple, bastard


Chorus x2

I know you motherfucker

(Everywhere I turn)

I know you motherfucker

(Everywhere I turn)

I know you motherfucker

(Everywhere I turn I'm assuming the position)

Verse Two: E-Roc

I know you motherfucker, footprints in my door

On my back, on my head, through my house and once more

You called my mother a hoe, you threw my brother in a headlock

You did this to about six thousands on the block

Say you try to stop the rock so it makes me perspire

Hmm...but you work with a supplier

So I inquire what's your role in my elimination?

Ain't got a