Takin These

The Coup

come up come up man repeat

Get it up, i mean give it up fool,

now give me those minerals and those jewels

because its me the e o v atech and im back with this jacket

getting up on some products that im lacking

well im that other goofless type of brother

oh you aint heard about my antique shit

i ran clique for mr b

they left the us frantic

get us all romantic

before they fucked us trying to hand trick

with a glock fore they bust us

four hundred years ago fool where is my gold?,

the year is 94 black folks aint taking it no more

be on the rise the coup is not the bad guys

you know taking it from the rich giving it back to the poor

so yo put your two faced ass on the floor and get real

i cant feed my family with a happy meal

to the rescue but not long ranger with the lass

so i got the 9mm pointed at your ass

yo so mr ibm

give it up smooth

cos this time all of your bowels gonna move

see its a family thing

so dont even trip

my cousin jetty got the nine

and my mama got the extra clip

so please oh please oh please give me them nikes and free cheese

and while your on them knees break me off of my gees



we are taking these if you please


we are taking these if you dont please

check it out


knock knock motherfucka let me in

i just wanna kick it in your big ass den

and if you dont like it take two to the chin

and show me to the kitchen cos my kids are getting thin

i dont have to talk shit about packing a gack in fact

you could get fucked by any other motherfucker

where i live at

hear that money here is crystal clear punk

fuck that fiscal year junk

meet the pistol gri