The Shipment

The Coup

Chorus: Boots (repeat 2X)

It ain't Indonesia, China White

Purple-Haired Thai, Big H Delight

Take my shit we gon' have to fight

I'm always rollin' dirty so be actin' right


I'm bombing uppercut swipes as my knuckles ignire

More strikes than a teachin' staff's fight for pay hikes

Like cleats wit' spikes I clings to my turf tight

Get, low like a Smurf might earth is my birthright

You salivate at the sound of the bell

I come sick and make your lymph nodes swekk

Nickel-plated teeth and tongue as well so you can tell

when I'm shootin' off my mouth the politicians start to bail

When I shoot, Fuhrman scoot I'm yellin', "Gimme all the loot!"

Bourgeoise pimpin' me now my digits don't compute

Chillin' in a house of ill repute

But is you wearin' canvasols or purple-pinstripe suits?

Fact of earth and comets: macroeconomics

Yak until you vomit, or come up on a lick

Sweat oozin' my skin just to get another fin'

Changed my name to Valerie so I can get WIC

Savage Storm Troopers be less than seducive

Jailtime producin', silly Lilliputians!

This Gulliver, come equipped with a fo'-fo'

and twelve comrades in a box Chev' fo' do'

Skirtin' down the strip with a mission to render

And we don't give a fuck if we missin a fender

Mix it in a blender, you ain't home return to sender

Can't be saved by cokenders or a public defender

This ain't no macrobiotic chemical colonic

This politicalsymphoniclyricalnarcotic

Somethin' much mo' potent that we plotted

Come and get some, if you ain't got it




I accuse you of NIGGA-hating!