The Coup

I aint seen shit

i aint heard (nothing) i dont know what happen

i dont speak pig latin

i am a motherfucking true when its us against you

so fox skyhutch and inspector goose

i was taught dont rely on pigs for protection

shit i dont even ask em for directions

youre in the wrong section of the hood for a crime to be inspected

got this block infected

you could get ejected inspected

aint no love when youre the fuzz

i mean the fizz i mean my daddy told me who you was

i mean the wiz I mean

you cant get win

ease on down the road we got a dont speak to cops code

i went pro working for the man with the electric chair

thats why i never watched roberta and i hated huggie bear

even scooby doo snitched with that hippy ass van

but me i know the scoop i know the plan

ask me no questions i tell you no lies

you know the deal the real criminals who dressed in suit and ties

who holds the wealth you do more damage than health

so for me and my folks we gonna just do for self

i dont know shit about those stolen goods

you want peace mother fucker raise up out tha hood

i think you should no one is all i m gonna say

to get that 411 you better go ask mary j.

eroc do not play when there's pigs in town clown

you try looking up encyclopedia brown

thats when he frown asking who selling herb

i got disturbed fool i'm not your mocking bird

the only words coming out of my mouth is a lyrical thang

so please back tha fuck up off my screen tho

since i was four you was known to be the enemy

like rintintin you only give a shit for me

the community took four steps higher

86ing motherfuckas working for the suppliers

so sayonara before you catch a cap in your ass

no more questions in here so dont ask