The Coup

The Coup

B: Hello

D: Yes, I would like to speak to Boots from the rap group The Coop.

B: It's The Coup, and this is Boots. Speak

D: Well my name is Dick Doolittle and I'm a reporter from Grime


and we would like to comment on the tragic riots--

B: Not a riot, it's a rebellion

D: Well the tragic rebellion?

B: Man, tragic for who?

D: Well there's havoc in the streets, the police have lost control

over the

people, criminals are running free from jail, and people are actually

taking property from big businesses, it's full of complete chaos

B: That's not chaos, that's progress

D: Mm-hmm, OK, is that your comment?

B: No, this is it


Check it out, it's the motherfucking C-O-U

To the P now you're fucking with the real dudes

Who will meet you with a fleet of brothers in the street

Getting drunk off liberation fuck the Hennessey

Cause you calmly kept us down for far too long

Now you're going up in smoke like Cheech and Chong

And the song "I Ain't the Nigga" is the Constitution

Niggers die but Africans make revolution

So what happens when a people do not get their dues

Well it's tried there's a riot so flip on the news

And let's go reach the 98th here in Oaktown

But let's just say for story's sake that it's in your town

A hundred brothers taking factories, Warren's law is gutters

And now they're handing out free chicken and free peanut butter

Free food to the people, how it should be

But now let's go a few blocks over to 7-3

Channel 2 says at the mall twelve cops got shot

Cause there's eight hundred sisters taking over Eastmont

With nines and AK's doing the right think like Spike Lee

And now their babies got free