Breathing Apparatus

The Coup

"Dr. Bruce, telephone please, Dr. Bruce, telephone please.."

"Paging Dr. Kevorkian, paging Dr. Kevorkian.."

"Nurse, somebody's broken into the amphetamine sulfate again"

"Paging Dr. Kevorkian, paging Dr. Kevorkian.."


My motherfucker took led it was unexpected

Mobbed through the do', smelled the disinfectant

Mashed third flo' on the elevator

Seen Boots hemmed on the respirator

Death was on his face too soon

C'mon baby holla at your ace boom coon

Tell me who it was and I'll be buckin like a untamed stallion

Say another word and see me gather a batallion


Shit, I give a fuck who did the killing

Got a puncture in my lung, tell em gimme penicillin

Fingertips ain't got no feelin, pain-killin, gimme codeine

Don't let me vomit up my guts, let's keep the flo' clean

I seen em comin for a mile through the rearview

I'll tell you one thing bout them po-po's, they don't LOVE you


Sheeyit, like I needed you to tell

Motherfucker make sense - you delirious as hell


Lean over the bed and let me whisper close

Watch these motherfuckers with the stethoscopes

You know I'm uninsured up in this b-i-otch

My medical plan was to not get shot

I get the..

"One two three!" "Code blue!"

"One two three! "Code blue!"

*bzzzzzzzzzzzzt* "Clear!"


"I've got a pulse.."


Nurse, what's the status?

E please don't let em fuck with my breathing apparatus

[E] I ain't gon' let em FUCK with your breathing apparatu