The Coup

Fuck no I ain't got no Grey Poupon

Well anyway I said that's no burglar that my butler hahaha

Mr. Rockafella let me in on the gossip

I heard you and Mr. Getty are getting into rap music or something

Yes we have this thing we do with our voices

We sing like authentic rappers

Well then could you muster it for us

(David you must do)

Well if they could make this music more funky

Let me see if i can get my voice like those rappers (*clears throat*)

Here we go

Well if you're blind as Helen Keller

You could see I'm David Rockafella

So much cash up in my bathroom is a ready teller

I'm outragous, I work in stages, like syphills

But no need for prophylactics

I am up your own, so me know wretched ain't funk

But my cream got amino acid

Keep my hoes in check no rebellions

If your ass occur shit it wouldnt be the first time

I done make a massacre, nigga please how you figure these

Motherfuckers like me got stocks bonds and securites

No impurities, straight anglo saxon

when my family got their sex on

Don't let me get my flex on, do some gangster shit

Make the army go to war for Exxon

Long as the money flow, I be making dough

Welcome to my little pimp school

How you gonna beat me at this game I make the rules

Flash a little cash make you think you got class

But you really selling ass and hoe keep off my grass

Less you cutting it, see Im running shit

Trick all y'all motherfuckas as simps

I'm just a pimp


That is so cute

John Paul, why don't you entertain us with something as well?

Well, what should I do?

Why don't you rap for us?

No, I...

Come on old boy I did mine


It's so tribal