The Coup

come on let's go

put this under your belt


Smell the gunsmoke


I be having homicide running through my mind

Don't know what's up with me

Shit fuck with me all the time

Eating at my spine

Motherfucka in my prime

How you gonna get yours

when you're too busy getting mine

Now look is this murderous criminal

coming through

if you think it's eroc then the subliminals

is working on you

there's thirty million of us buried in the fucking sludge

cant come straight from fudge

I got a bloody grudge

Dead bodies lying all around me

but the real murderers aint never got no bounty

count it coroners as we sitting as statistics

with this ass if you think this

blast is coming from my residential district

There's something that I think you should know

is the motherfucking g.. from the eastside ho

peep my flow creep by slow

see all my folks is broke

survival for the cautious and the low

get a whiff of my gunsmoke


Im getting white hairs

from the nightmares everynight

cos somebody's got a contract

on my life

im in a gang that's in an all out war

they join me in when

they knife my umbilical cord

so it begins with a slap on the ass

now you in into white people's ass tricks

you here so fast we already made your casket

while its got one buck

so the phrase gunshot

gets hella tide

cant take the only motherfuckas getting fried

skeletons deep down in the ocean

cos them slave ships had that three stop motion

coasting down fulton on the mississippi river

all across this end

motherfuckas saying down n