The Liberation Of Lonzo Williams

The Coup

1986 a motherfucker doin tricks on the mix and I don't mean the fader

Face of zits but gettin grits with black steel firesticks

Drama buildin Empire somethin like Darth Vader

Now Lonzo was armed with nuttin but a mean mug

(But tucked a forty-five, with forty-five slugs)

He was a jitterbug thug, at the dance, cuttin a rug

(Treatin his sisters like a hooker) Greetin his partners with a hug

Breakdown shakedown, this brother would take a pound

of some soon to be cake grounds, and then go make rounds

Firearms protectin wads of gorgeous greens

Paper stacks of paid tax off of broken dreams

At puberty his liberty was found within a key

Rocks were cookin but he's lookin for a way to be free

Here's a key (there's a key) but Lonzo, where's yours?

There's no key to the door, but there's money on the floor

(So stoop down) Bend over (hurry pick it up fast)

But watch out, Lonzo -- YOU'LL GET FUCKED IN THE ASS

"A bad, a bad, a bad bad man!"

"Do, do, you know dis kid?"


(repeat 4X)


Knock knock (who is it?) time to visit but it's two years later

Cause Lonzo's rollin harder and it's 1988

He's got some fat he's got some mo' greens (and a brand new Benz)

He's got respect and he suspects that it won't end

A couch is still a couch (and a chair is still a chair)

But a house is now a crackhouse Luther, Lonzo's there

Dying brains, dying bodies, too and from these dead residence

Try in vain to kill they pain, exchangin, dead presidents

Many bourgeoise parlei francoise (I don't speak it but I know it)

It's all the same (the business game) but you go to jail for this shit

We were tribal our survival was now based on stoppin rivals

Who's th