Drug Warz

The Coup

* Pam the Funkstress scratches the phrase

"We wanna get it on - cause we don't get along" *


Now the FBI monitors with no feedback

Saw me on the street, ask me where the weed at

or the coke I don't sell and yet I don't believe that

Set me up I'm runnin breathin like a Sleestak

Ran into a car and almost bent my knee back

It's better than a cell while my lawyer's fee stack

Ducked into a liquor store they ask what you do

Wearin FUBU it was my man N'Duku

The bat and tote go through, I said, "Merci beaucoup

If they ask who was I runnin tell the bastards I flew"

Maybe to my block, plans to catch a few flicks

Police did a sweep, terrorizin grue shit

Bustin doors, beatin mammas while makin Cool Whip

Face down, gettin dirt on my back to school fit

My neighbor that was next to me got black and blue lips

When the fuse lit, you don't see the few flip

Kick our boot up they ass and ask em if the shoe fit

Til then, they wanna see us pushin up tu-lips

Frisk my nuts so much, shit I think I'm sterile

Got up, brushed the gravel off my apparel

This girl Cheryl got parole violation

Said she was high cause of pupil dilation

If you never got arrested now since infinity

You get searched livin in this vicinity

or harassed, beat the shit out - I mean, the livin daylights

Wouldn't be no dope slangin if McDonald's paid right

They target areas of black, Chinese and Mexican

Mow you down men, or they'll find your next of kin

Whites sell more cocaine and amphetamines

but the justice sentence us, more than like to credit dem

The ruling class shifts dope to you and me

And don't get arrested, this is lunacy

or is it pimp low magic in unity

Is it