Fat Cats, Bigga Fish

The Coup

Well now haha what have we here?


c-c-c-come with it

get down get down get down 2ce


It's almost ten o clock see i got a ball of lifted property

so i slid my beenie hat on sloppily

and promenade out to take up a collection

i got game like i read the directions

i 'm wishing that i had an automobile

as i feel the cold wind rush past

but let me state that i am a hustler for real

so you know i got the stolen bus pass

just as the bus pulls up and i step to the rear

this ole lady look like she drank a forty of fear

i see my ole school partner said his brother got popped

pay my respects

can you ring the bell we came to my stop

the street light reflects off the piss on the ground

which reflects off the hamburger sign as it turns round

which reflects off the chrome of the bmw

which reflects off the fact that i am broke

now what the fuck is new

i need loot i sweat the motherfucka

in the tweed suit

and i'm on his ass quicker than a kick from a grease boot

eased up slow and discreet

could tell he was suspicious by the way he slid his feet

didn't wanna fuck up the come on

so i smiled with my eyes said hey how it's hanging guy

bumped into his shoulders but he passed with no reaction

damn this motherfucka had a hella of andrew jacksons

i'm a thief or pickpocket give a fuck what you call it

used to call em fat cats.

i just call them wallets getting federal aint just a klepto

master card or visa i'd gladly accept those

sneaky motherfucka with a scam know how to pull it

got a mirror in my pocket but that wont stop no bullets

story just begun but you already know

aint no need to get down shit i'm already low