Hard Concrete

The Coup

While growing up in the ghetto

My time went fast

see I be stealing from the grown ups

running from the tasks

as i dash through the grass everyday

skipping class

my daddy dont be tripping

so you can kiss my ass

pass the doogie doobie lefthand side

only nine years old getting high getting high

I wonder why my teacher's sweating me

I did my history It dont relate to me

my gpa 1.3

see i remember places the names streets dates

anybody rolling with stolen license plates

but if that faked out of date shit

wasnt in my way

ask me anything or where im from

i bet i get an A minus

in fact i am the finest

counting male faster than you can say your highness

dont combat me with dryness

cos i know the definition of any slang word

so what's that synonym you're wishing?

I want to be a lawyer

accused of a liar like LaToya

so im dropping the fourth grade

slinging lemonade

I am my own keeper

a young o'erachiever

ten cents a cup, im a gonna have to leave that shit to beaver

now I lay me down to sleep

cos i cant eat my noodles right

dead bodies every other night

we fucking up the appetite

tragedy is an everyday thing

put on a video game sit some time

if i can stand the pain

give me the knowledge from the street

now watch me learn it

I went to get a job

but too young for a work permit

dont come my way (fool)

I might just have to gack

they say we growing up fast

but we just dying faster


always dropping the good or villain cop

slam the child on the hard concrete


Well it's June 17th