Cars And Shoes

The Coup


Now if ya gettin' in my car don't sit down right away

Cause my passenger seat tilts sideaways

And don't even try to lean the shit back

The whole damn thang'll fall off the track

Stick your hand out, and signal for a right

My window's stuck plus I got a broken turn light

Naw I ain't dippin'! Sometimes I get a stuck brake

Got my rearview attached with some duct tape

Keep yo' knee right there!

I'm tryna keep that glove compartment closed playa!

The seatbelt don't work just tie it round your waist

If you crash through the window just cover your face

The radio gets one station on AM, it's Chinese

but if you listed you could catch what they sayin'

Stop complainin' -- I heard what you said

So what the seat spring poked you in the leg?

Didn't know it stabbed you, but what you stompin' fo'?

You finna put yo' foot through that hole in the flo'!

Now what you say - you gonna sue me?

Awwww, because the baby hurt his leg and got a booby?

Now your feelings hurt, you wanna get up out my shit

Cool motherfucker, here you go, get yo' kicks

You need to act a little older!

If you want that do' to open you gon' have to use yo' shoulder

Get the fuck up out fool, you lose - why?

My car is better than yo' shoes

Chorus: *sung* (2X)

Now if you get in my bucket baby, you gotta sit on the flo'

And I ain't go no license you know, I'm tryin-a duck the po'-po'


See me in the town you might think I'm a star

Every three months in a different car

Like the other day in a '81 Datsun

wit' my alternator rollin' shotgun

Or in the fall in a '88 Seville

Pushin' it wit my foot down the hill