Sneakin' In

The Coup


How we gon' get in for free?

Now, I calculate the beatin for approximated speakin

Play it at your party for intoxicated freakin

One for the motherfuckers at the par-ty

Two for the DJ's bumpin this for me

Three for the girls with the fake ID

and a pound if you snuck through the back for free

See sneakin into shit probably always been my hobby

1985, in the Henry J. lobby

Ten bones for the Fresh Fest to me was like robbery

Tennis shoes squeakin -- security tried to mob me

People screamin so loud, they lungs got broke when

$hort grabbed the mic and started yellin out, "OAKLAND!"

Not the type of brother that's hard with a death wish

but one thing that I'll die for is bein on the guest list

I'm talkin bout a pissyfit, sayin loud explicit shit

"Can't you read my name motherfucker; ain't you literate?!?!!"

I be sayin this even if it ain't legitimate

Although it ain't considerate, I get in with no scrilla spent

Caught the 57 bus to the Coliseum

Run-D.M.C. and LL, gotta see em

Negotiatin with a guard out by the trailer

Me and twenty potnahs got in for a Taylor

Later in the game shit was much more elaborate

Motherfuckers rocked the spot, with fake laminate

Show em to security, and it was like BAM!

On stage with Ice Cube at the Summer Jam

I'm not a fronter and, this ain't a cover band

I'm always givin you the really and no other than

Alameda Drive-In, didn't wanna pay a buck

Five motherfuckers layin flat, in the mini-truck

Used to sneak in to the Eastmont Cinemas

Through the exit, sometimes about ten of us

But you know, I guess it was so easy

cause they playin movies that's already on TV

Most of them flicks I can't recommend

But back then, half the fun was sneakin in

See me in the alley, but nah I ain't no crack hoe

I'm waitin for my folks to open up the back do'