Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last N

The Coup


Well, he was smilin' like a vulture as he rolled up the horticulture

Ignited it, and said, "I hope the vapors don't insult ya"

What I replied denied, but he mixin weed and hop

His head was noddin' up and down like he agreed a lot

Bored, said, "We need a plot," I comply, "Let's leave the spot"

Hopped in the Granada, he's impressed by the beat I got

His name is "hay-zoos" but his pimp name is "gee-zus"

Slapped a hoe to pieces with his plastic prosthesis

"Nigga don't you know that I'm your daddy?" said he

This is true, plus he schooled me for my mackin' degree

"Never plea, try not to flee, make niggaz pee when you stick around"

This man my momma had found taught me to put it down

I press the gas to the ground to show that I'm a hound

Makin' sho' that get rubber sound is heard throughout the town

Thirty years ago, Jesus could pull a hoe quick

But now he 50 and his belly hangs lower than his dick

Philosophy that he spit stuck in my memory chips

And now he puttin' in a disk of Gladys Knight and the Pips

Then that shit starts to skip, he said, "Somebody musta scratch it"

Put the 40 to his lips and poured the contents down the hatchet

Well since my adolescense, cause of his pimp lessons

smack my woman in the dental just for askin' silly questions

Relationship reduction to either rock the box or suction

Ain't got no close potnahs, socially I cain't function

From the pen he would scribe, on how to survive:

"Don't be Microsoft, be Macintosh with a Hard Drive"

Used to tell me all the time to keep a bitch broke

Did I mention that my momma was his number one hoe?

Clunked the 40 on the flo' and placed his palm o