The Gypsy Life

John Gorka

There is nothing in my head today

Nothing awful there to ponder or confuse me

Go ahead in what you have to say

And I will listen as I listen to the news

I know the whole truth there is horrible

It's better if you take a little at a time

Too much and you are not portable

Not enough and you'll be making happy rhymes


You might like the gypsy life

You judge your progress by the phases of the moon

Get your compass and your sharpest knife

People love you when they know you're leaving


If you choose to settle in one place

You may be harder over on the ones you love

Like a tree without the growing space

You will be taking from below and from above


There is nothing in my head today

I'll cross the river people as I cross my heart

The pigeon bridges are a place to stay

I will go under as I try to do my part


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