Over There

John Gorka

I never ran with the pack, but

I'm not alone anymore

I go to work and I come back

It's pretty clear what I'm working for

Now I know that I don't come first

I know some of what my parents knew

It's me to we and ours from him and hers

More of all that what you have to do

I figure it's bigger than the both of us too

I wouldn't know love if it weren't for the likes of you

Who's that little boy over there?

With the spoon in his hand and the food in his hair?

Over there

And the little bit that I give up

It's all coming back a hundred fold

It's not lost if it goes to love

It rounds you out so you can roll

Extra eyes to watch your back

Keep you honest and cut you slack

Who'd of known that I would ever talk about that with you

I see my family waving from the doorway

Once I went my way now I go your way

Over there...

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