Airstream Bohemians

John Gorka

She had a reconstructed face

And he had no lips to speak of

There was no feature out of place

And no recipe for sweet love

From an Indiana Dodge

To an Airstream by the parkway

In the silver they would lodge

And as for love they hit it sharply

He was the type to look for work

Although not the kind to find it

She was an office temp and clerk

He didn't have to be reminded...

But he minded

He was a writer in his dreams

He sent his thoughts to magazines

He'd get them back without a check

What do bohemians expect?

He started hanging out with those

Collectively misunderstood

Their only thought was how to pose

And as their failure he was something good...

She roomed and boarded him for years

She was supported in her fears

She was a ruby in his shoe

His neck was red enough for two

She had dreams all of her own

She'd tell him that soon on the phone

She wasn't ever coming back

She was never bored she would give him that

He came home drunk out of his head

Except she wasn't there to steer

He needed her to find the bed

She left the Airstream running clear

She had a reconstructed life

With no regrets to speak of

Seems she was not the docile type

Without a recipe for sweet love

She had a reconstructed fate

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