John Gorka

They say that when it comes to choosing heroes

It's best to pick the ones who aren't around

If you choose among the living

You tend to have misgivings

When your hero lets you down

He might have a bad night in your town

And so I will not name my heroes

And I'll keep my distance when I can

But if time should bend or break them

I hope I won't forsake them

If by chance they need a friend

Or need to walk on ordinary ground

God knows it must be tough to be a hero

To wake up in a hero's state of mind

They say it's hard to be heroic

Much easier to blow it

When somebody's watching all the time

And you're dancing on the thin edge of a dime

They say it's hard, so hard

They say it's hard, ain't it hard

If someday I'm mistaken for a hero

I only hope it's after I am gone

Some of us are heroes

Some of us are zeroes

Wannabes who never were the one

But who is who when all is said and done

Repeat first verse

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