Always Going Home

John Gorka

He's never been far from trouble

Trouble is as loyal as a dog

He drinks in the muddy water

And he sleeps in the hollow log

His troubles all have mirrors

And they double up the size

His problems all have patches

And they cover up his eyes

It's like that old expression

All roads lead to Rome

You see he comes from trouble

And he's always going home

He's always going home

So he can't see for looking

He's become a lightning rod

He walk with the clouds of thunder

Which don't strike him now as odd

Accidents will happen

Much more frequently with him

He's never been far from trouble

Trouble is a trusted friend


Addiction in the bloodstream

Chasing fascination's choice

Born of a desperation

There's a mean edge to his voice

As a snake he would have curves

On both sides of the law

As a rule he'll catch his prey

And he's bound to eat it raw

He's never been far from trouble

He lives an inch from his demise

Pushes his luck right to the edge

Pulls the bull over your eyes

Money slips through his fingers

He owes everyone he knows

Still and all it's good to see him come

A little better when he goes


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