Edgar The Party Man

John Gorka

My name is Edgar

And I am a party man

I come from a party town

I come in my party van

I bet I could make you laugh

Hey would you like a beer

I got some in the chest outside

It's a little warm in here

Where are you going now

Oh I guess she heard that one

She should tell by my goodtime grin

That I can be a lot of fun

Now I'm almost 46

And I used to have a wife

But that was nearly 15 years ago

Now she's got another life

Oh she had a real strong way

I met her on a moving bus

We got off at different stops

And that was just the start of us

Now I never get too deep

That's the way it always seems

And I need a lot of sleep

Because I have a lot of dreams

Oh I still believe in love

'Specially when it's bright and new

Although I never stick around

Because I need some time for them

And some time for you

Yeah I've got a need to roam

Oh I've got a restless streak

I've got a whole world inside of me

No one ever gets a peek

My name is Edgar...

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