Amber Lee

John Gorka

She never let her roots go brown

She kept moving them from town to town

Like she was running from a restless sound

That would use her name in vain

Back then she was the one to know

We didn't like it but we loved her so

It broke our hearts to let her go

As if we had a choice...

As if we had a choice...

Oh as if we had a choice...

With far too many brows to soothe

There was just so much to prove

On occasion with the ruthless move

And the smoking overpass

Take it from one who tries

There's nothing friendly in the open skies

Nothing up there ever satisfies

And the air is thin and cold...

Yeah the air is thin and cold...

Amber Lee

Back then we called her Amber Lee

We all landed in her way

We called her Amber Lee

Both a first and a second wife

Unhappy almost all her life

The pain is sharper with a dull-edged knife

And the rust will lock you in

The highway is her habitat

She wouldn't cut it as a diplomat

She's not sorry that it came to that

But what's a girl to do

They call her the names 'cause they think they can

You wouldn't hear them if she was a man

We're all flashes in a great big pan

And they're turning up the heat...

Amber Lee...

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