Blue Chalk

John Gorka

So I wonder how she's doing

I hate it when the rumors fly

They give off such a strange sense of mission

Wing your helplessness on high

But she would never run from strangers

She sang alone like a bell will toll

Way above the clang and the clatter

Out of fear of her demon soul

Maybe none of this is my business

And none of what I hear is true

I am far from the mint condition

Circulation's hard on you


Hold tight, hang tough

Love's not enough

To keep you off that stuff

To save you...(2X) save you now

He could always find the holes in the bottles

Even with a blindfold on

Never kept his seat on the wagon

Rolling off like a rolling stone

Blue chalk between his fingers

Hustling a poolroom song

He always kept a line for the singer

Pointing his cue right from wrong


Repeat first verse

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