Heart Upon Demand

John Gorka

I dreamed of Judy Garland and of her bottled blues

Resting in a dressing room, shaking star dust from her shoes

She spoke of her beginnings at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

And of touching millions with no one really there

A child of the movies in a pyrite golden age

I never knew the price she paid for a life upon that stage.


Judy had that catch in her voice

That put your heart into her hand

Judy, she had trouble, Judy had no choice

But to give her heart upon demand

She had to give her heart upon demand

She had trouble sleeping and waking for the day

With studio prescriptions to keep her thin and fey

They'd work her to exhaustion propelled by benzedrine

Then call her unreliable if she would miss a scene

From vaudeville in Grand Rapids to the walkway of the stars

Who'd have known a girl so young could have gone that far?


The Palladium in London, the Palace in New York

The come-back of a trouper when God wondered at her work

She asked me of the movie stars and singers of today

I said I couldn't think of one she wouldn't blow away

She laughed and then she thanked me and said she had to go

For there were rainbows waiting down along a golden road


I dreamed of Judy Garland all on a summer's night

Resting in a dressing room packing stardust for her flight

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