Down In The Milltown

John Gorka

When my shift is over

And I'm headed home

I don't listen to the radio

I like to be alone, I like to be alone

I've had my fill of people

And all that factory noise

I listen to the engine

It's a sound that I enjoy

It's a sound that I enjoy

So I drive on past the drive-in

On past the movie lights

Past the fenced in fantasies

That slip into the night

I slip into the night


Down in the milltown

The milltown so low

Hang your head over

Feel the wind blow

I wonder what's for dinner

If she'll be waiting there

She has to wake up early

She has to do her hair

She has to do her hair

And if I need a cold one

There's a tavern up the street

The company of loners

Is still company to me

Yes, they're company to me

Repeat Chorus

And if my dreams treat me badly

And I cry out at night

Shake me to my senses

And I will be alright

Yes, I will be alright

Repeat Chorus Twice

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