John Gorka

What good am I if I leave you lonely

What good am I if I'm lonely too

What good is a one and only

If that one and only's leaving you

Am I losing you

Am I losing you

I know you're lonely too

I walk through the land of sweet temptation

Where the women come up from underneath

What they offer's sweet as candy

But what they offer's no relief

It's really no relief, over or underneath

Yeah I want to keep my teeth

I live in rooms where I'm a stranger

Young women here now call me sir

My friends are other lone arrangers

But you won't find us where we were

Oh no not where we were, that's just a fading blur

Oh yeah they call me sir

True love is a welcome struggle

The only one that's worth it's salt

I want to say I caused that trouble

I want to say it was my fault

I want to say it was my fault

Whatever caused this bad direction

This attitude where darkness thrives

Is it loneliness retained in sections

Or from undetected sharpened knives

Oh the sharpened knives from other people's lives

Is that why the darkness thrives?

A friend of mine he taped the ocean

So I could listen to the sea

When locked inside this loud commotion

Locked in the land of the free

In the land of the free, it was a gift for me

The sound of the rolling sea

Hope comes from the smallest places

From little rooms inside the heart

The furniture there bears the traces

Of every unsuccessful start

Unsuccessful start, it's like a work of art

The bottom of the heart

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