Dream Street

John Gorka

I saw the champ running down by the river

With his trainer and his stretch limousine

I don't recall the year but it was late in his career

When he was featured in those glove magazines

They never leave the ring before it's too late

They never seem to quit in their prime

I guess you take it as a given that a champion is driven

So he can always win one more time


So there's a new reservation on Dream Street

With a room with no view of before

It takes years for some to check in

But Dream Street will beckon

Till they're mumbling their names at the door

Some do it out of pride, some do it for the dough

Some do cause it's the only thing they're ever gonna know

"promoters take the money, the fighters take the pain"*

They find a new sucker, and they'll do it again

From the time before he won the title

Till the referee stopped his last fight

Oh I swear there was greatness there

Till those younger guys put out the light

So now he's in his ever after

With money to last all of his days

Oh but the price makes you shiver, fate's an Indian giver

She giveth and she taketh away


Dream Street is calling, Larry

Dream Street is calling, Joe

Dream Street is calling, Muhammad

Dream Street is calling, Yo

Dream Street is calling...

*Quote from Larry Holmes

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