Blues Palace

John Gorka

We grow up, change and move away

Chasing a dream with a place to stay

Some get lucky and come on strong

But you know some don't they only belong

In a


Blues Palace it's a palace of the blues

For used lovers and junkyard news

There's nasty women who will cater your affairs

With white lightning and sugar upstairs

There's the king who lost his lady love

To the tall dark night and the stars above

It's a red brick castle with three floors of rooms

Now it's just a home for misbegotten grooms

It's a


Well I've been cheated and I've been lied to

I've been mistreated by those I'm tied to

It won't be long and I'll be on my feet

But untill then I sleep and I eat

In a


We grow up, change and move away

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