That's How Legends Are Made

John Gorka

I worked at a place

Where the bands came through

Some of them rang false

And some rang true

I'd stick around

After they played

To see how legends are made

There's just a few

That stand out in my mind

Some of them still roll

And some are lost to the grind

Now you ask me

Of the special ones

And where all the legends have gone

There was a man

Who came from north of here

He could raise his voice

And he could raise a beer

And when he left

The music stayed

And that's how legends are made

It suprised us to see

Just how high he stood

It was hard to believe

Someone could sing that good

We shared more gold

Then any band was paid

And that's how legends are made

So long, it was nice meeting you

But how do you get back

To Route 22

From Here

The band was a bass man

And a brother on lead

There was no more

'Cause there was no need

So fine to see

What they could give

'Cause legends call us to live

They came in high

And they came in low

Worn by the miles

And fresh from home

Hard work, magic

Then some tragic end

And so a legend begins

(Repeat bridge and 1st verse)

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