Stranger In My Driver's Seat

John Gorka

I lost my car to the Riverside Drive

Last seen headed up the Upper West side

138th Street or 139

What's yours is theirs

What's theirs was mine

Now it's gone for parts

It's gone for fun

It's gone for sure

Ask anyone

No, they're not polite

They don't say please

With the cover of night

They never use keys


Now there's a stranger in my driver's seat

There's broken glass around his feet

And the radio will change it's tune

Removed beneath a New York moon

The precinct has an icy clerk

Her hand fills out the paperwork

But the cops don't look for stolen cars

You can wish upon a star

It happens every now and then

That people see their cars again

Some are found on cinder blocks

With open trunks and busted locks

They say in this town nothing sleeps

That goes for thieves and chimney sweeps

The smart ones say to keep your ride

Park it on the Jersey side


(Repeat 1st verse)

Manhattan nights are full of rats

Republicans and Democrats

Most of them have learned the rules

The rest of us just go to school


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