You Know What We Bout


(Master P) Yo Silkk

(Silkk) What up?

(Master P) Tell Jigga we need 4 apples,

2 bananas and 5 oranges

(Silkk) You sure?

(Master P) Nigga, he know what I'm talkin 'bout

(Silkk) Aight, I'll get him on the phone

(Master P) From my block to yo block nigga

the world belongs to who?

[Silkk the Shocker]

The world belongs to us

you can do what you wanna do

what you gon do? Huh? What?

The streets belong to us

you can do what you wanna do

what you gon do? Huh? What?

Yo from the South to the East nigga, from the streets to the burbs

I fuck wit that when they talk, the speech just be slurred

You know me Mr. Got dough, Mr. Got flow

Couldn't figure our out which one wanted both of 'em so

Mr. Got both - if you hate me stop, if you jealous

Silkk the Shock, Jigga, No Limit, Master P, Roc-A-Fella

Used to cop bricks for 30

Now I do nothin but sit back and drop hits, ya heard me?

I ain't nothin but a thug that got rich ya heard me

Drop the top when it's hot

If not call Jay tell him blow the mall up and

come and shop in jersey

You know what I did, you know how I come

You wouldn't even think about testin me dog if you know what I done

Didn't change a bit, I'm still thuggish, still thuggin

Niggaz ask how much money I got do math

You know how to add I'm P little brother

Shit, I can't tell y'all nothin I gotta show y'all

real in this, I'm as real as it gets I told y'all

Yo I sleep thru the rain, sleep thru the pain

Would have knew about me but you don't

Cause know why, cuase you was sleep when I came

But I'm here now, y'all suckas fear now

Look, plan on bein on top, don't stop, plan on bein hot year round

I don't do it for no love, I do it for the thugs

Do it for my block, do it for the VIP spots in the club

It's hard to stop this life like it's hard to call cocked dice

We ain't nothin but some bout it, bout it niggaz

that live