The Day I Was Made



Today, we have a serious decision that needs to be made for our family

There's a young cat out here that's growing old

Quick and fast in our organization

And today he must step up and be made

And I think you all know

Who's this guy mayn?

This guy is Silkk, Silkk the Shocker

His contribution to the streets has grown so fast he's grown weak. Kay?

You know what, this decison must be made now and only now

Isn't he young?

He's a stand up guy, he's a born leader, he has my blood

I was also a young when I started

So be it

Godfather, please, let me be the one to tell him he's a Made Man

Not now, let the Don tell him

Dannny Divuchi, bring Silkk to me

Godfather, you won't regret it

Yo Don, what up with this visit to

Okay mayn, have a seat, ju know

I'm here to tell you some good news mayn

You're a Made Man now, everybody stand up

[Silkk the Shocker]

Last Year, I was the help, this year I'm the boss

You don't like it? Fuck y'all, they'll find y'all niggaz lost

Fuck with real niggaz, mob figures

Not you niggaz that's soft

Im talking about visiting some of you niggaz

Some of you, niggaz is talk

I always been a made man starting when I was, just a teen

Through the streets where I knew how to hustle

So the Don, put me down on his team

Told me to be, down to take a chance

Ya gotta be down to dirty dance

If so, the world can be yours so I put my, life in his hands

I know I'm up in the game, but I learned quickly

Told me you could live good

But wouldn't give it up when they come to get you

Told me never make, moves with your heart

Never snitch if you get caught

Never trust anybody a 100 percent, realize anybody can be bought

Everybody got a price

Money's nothing without

Power respect, loyalty, is a way of life

You've been chosen, to be the Made Man

Everybody gotta turn

Theres rules to this shit

That everyb