All Night


Silkk talking:

Yeah, ha, yo

I'm back back boy, finally somethin for the g's

Know what nobody should be sittin down now

We bout ta get down

The girl, I want y'all to act a fool

Y'all mutha fuckaz know what I'm talkin bout

I thought I told y'all

You know what I'm talkin bout, but whats up dawg?

Chorus 1:

Gangstas don't dance man we groove, I want everybodys bitch to move look

from the front to the back, to the left, to the right, I want 'em

thuggin from tha day to the night, ya heard me? Huh? Ok? Yeah. DJ whats

up dawg? (x1)

Chorus 2:

Hey DJ won't you play that song keep me thuggin (thuggin)

All night (all night) (x4)

Verse 1- Silkk

Man I steps in the club tryin to find some slow sex, me an cuz in the

back of the club wit moet, I checks the time up on the Rolex, the girl I

hit stay with her man, it's cool, but no sweat, 600 parked outside when

we drive, did some ghetto superstars, grits an dope when we arrive, VIP

status because of the vapors, line was kinda long, took the doorman some

papers, gangsta shit I'm dressed in all black, nigga club was packed so

I went through the back, nigga with the gangstas where you'll find me,

wishin they could make 40 ounces of Dom P, cuz soon as I hit the block,

I hit the spot fo sho, an you ain't bout it bout it, you ain't known to

flow, because see, gangstas don't dance man we groove, an it's cool, but

you act a fool, an look smooth. Haha




Verse 2- Silkk

Now VIP is where I be, look to the side an guess who I see, Trina an her

sister make no mistakes who, he gonna take her, an I'm a take you, an

umm, if you got a name an a number, an if you got a man, well I'll juss

call you on the under, so go ahead an slip me yo digits, an if you get

it, if you cool then you wit it, later on you let me hit it, now wisper

in yo ear is it cool to what? What I'm r