Me And You




Me and you together had plans on making the day, having cash

As time passed tryin' to make it all last

You know we struggle

Hope we can see better days

And the time different dreamers is to go our seperate ways

Verse 1 - Silkk

See you was always good

I was always bad

You was always in school

I was always to cuttin' class

Cheatin' on my tests knowin' I wouldn't pass

Told me slow down nigga I was movin' too fast

They always told me ???

I wish you well one day

If you could be spent up, shot at, get me out of jail some day

Yah, I was told to be like you

And at times I tried

Realized the only way I can beat these streets

The only way I knew to survive

I remember comin' home high and drunk

Smellin' just like a alcoholic

Tryin' to sneak you in

They damn near caught us

We be down to rock the block party's all night

Even thought we clown, we be down to fight, all night

Hangin' with the big homies

Askin' what they hittin' fo'

I remember stealin' junk food out the neighborhood liquor sto'

Sittin' back remeniscin' on all the things we had

Even thought it was rough, it never seemed so bad

Our destiny, we can't shape

I know we made mistakes

Even thought i wonder why He took you

I can't question fate

I guess it was written

-Master P-

But check it out

You still hear cuz you gon' live through me, C, and Silkk

Chorus: Silkk

Me and you I always thought we'd be together

I shoulda' known nuttin' last forever

And see I, destiny, we can't shape it

Even thought I wonder why we die

I can't question fate

Me and you I always thought we'd be together

I shoulda' known nuttin' last forever

And somehow I always thought you'd be there

Get a deg on the mark, it's cold, but it's fair

Verse 2 - Silkk

See man, right now I just gotta watch my step

No matter how many homies I lose

I can't get used to death

I remember us 5, runnin' wild

Just tryin' to get paid

It wouldn't seem like a jail

Put some rose on Dante's grave

(No reason you gon' die)

Gimme for thinkin' that

You were my brother

I'd pay millions to know I was safe

A million to bring ya back

Y'all my family, as well as my friends

And if I had to bring ya back that mean I havta lose ya again

Your memory's gonna live on even though ya' gon'

I'm sittin hear contemplating where it all went wrong

We had an argument, I said some things I shouldn'ta said

Never got a chance to apologize when you didn't come home that day

I'm thinkin' about memories every time I lay down

I wish I woulda known

I woulda apologized

But i guess I gotta say it now

So I see you when I get there

But for now I'ma pour out liquor

'Til i'm up there wishin'

Chorus x2.5

Silkk -

And if this song don't hit home

Picture the person you love the most

And, you wake up, they be gone

Master P -

Damn, Kevin Miller

See you when I get there fool

'Til then you gon' live on thru us

Huh, we riders baby, you know that

Down to handle our business

Silkk can handle his business

We 'bout it 'bout it, rowdy rowdy

Love nigga