It Takes More


Halloway and (Silkk the Shocker) Chorus

Everybody wants to be a mobb figga

It takes more than soldier gear, to be a soldier, nigga

Boy you ain't a gansta, unless you down to ride

(Silkk the Shocker), Made Man, (GC), wise guys x2

Silkk the Shocker:

I'm in to win it, sky's the limit, nigga I ball till I fall

I got a click full, its like fuck it, I'm lettin loose all

If you real, you real, if you fake, you fake, ya'll niggas tryin to be


But the problem is you be tryin too hard

It's Silkk the Shocker and GC, meet me uptown

Third ward, CP, apartment 3B

We mobb niggas, we made niggas to real niggas, to rich niggas

Bitch nigga, to the cave nigga

Now ya'll really wanna play nigga

If you going be a soldier, then be a soldier

If you wanna be a thug, then be a thug

Make the right call, can't be a killa and drug dealer, tasty, lights off

You gotta be ready to go all out for the clout

Four in a half, no doubt

If it's a showdown you gotta be prepared to go down

Real niggas make the world go round

And what

Chorus x2


It take more than them boys

and where you from to call yourself a click

Nigga we deep as the abyss

Its all about that foolishness

Just let me cross the niggas sayin they want a piece of the GC's

When I release these, I engage to they fucking species

So me me at the BATTLEFIELD motherfucker

Still bout that blocka blocka, still bout that bucka bucka

Still runnin with the hustlers, the gangstas, the killas

The flossers, the ballers, the fucking made niggas


Fucking round right up a mobsta, no second guessin

Most notorious in my profession, murder, no question

Ghetto Commission, oh we made niggas, respect the flame

Thats burnin motherfuckers out the game, ain't nothing but a thang

Mafia reign for '99, niggas sportin such thangs

A pinky rings and the rolies with the diamond bling

Its a money thang, syndicated crime at it's fin