Y'all niggaz ready for this Silkk the Shocker shit?

(Y'all niggaz out there bangin) Switch! (claimin red and blue)

Y'all niggaz bout it? Nigga be a leader not a follower

(my muthafuckin TRU tatoo) Uuunnnggghhh!

Chorus (2X): Murder, murder, murder, murder

187, cause I don't give a fuck


Well, it's time to ride, slide

them niggaz that fucked up, they lucked up

Seen them niggaz rollin in they cutlass

I'm about act bad, no doubt, I'm a go in they house

And if they home, I'm a blast, take them niggaz out

Cause we be bout drama, no fuck that, we bout killin

Drama, fuck all that, stay real when it's time to peel

Caps, no doubt, hah I check the house

Cause I ain't gon be satisfied till all ya'll stressed out

That's a fuckin shame, I ain't gon be satisfied til I see blood, nigga

What you think we was doin before we was rappin, we was drug dealers

You think I'm a let this shit slide cause I done got fame

Fuck the name, I can't have shit in this fuckin game

Without niggaz tryin to test nuts, tryin to act bad

I'm a fuck you nigga

you gon have a closed casket and I'm gon crack yo mask

You talkin shit, but, bitch, it's goin down

See I was locked up for a second, but now I'm home now

It's time for niggaz to get checked, they done pushed me to the limit

I was a cool nigga, but now, it's only the beginnin

It's time to ride, when it's time to slide, you die

No doubt about it, act bad, let's put that on the vibes

Chorus (2X)

[Master P]

Mr. Wicked, I be comin hard, just like a hurricane

Choo-choo, shootin brains, killin Mr. Murder, mad

Hustla, balla, Mr. fuckin Do-a-reporter

Don't give a fuck about a bitch or a balla

Break me off proper, gun in that doctor

Gats at yo head, call me Mr. Non-stopper

Tech 9 shooter, lady, ruder

Down South hustla, West Coast ruler

3rd Ward villian, I'm in the killin

They ban my videos from TV, they say t