Southside Niggas


[Silkk the Shocker]

Yeah I got love for the world, east, west, north

I gotta do this one for the hood, ya heard me?

So when ya'll ask me where I'm from

This is where I'm from

So fake niggas don't ask me no shit


Man what the fuck you mean where I'm from nigga?

You know where I'm from and how I come

No Limit nigga represent it cuz I'm in it

Check this shit out gangster made No Limit

Southside, we be them southside niggas

From the southside, we be them southside niggas (3X)


I'm a killer from New Orleans

Smoking weed, selling quarters

Tru niggas count bank

leave you dead up in a stank

ask the colonel I'm the captain of this motherfucking army

young niggas getting killed if they try to fuck they homie

ask the world if we bout it

ask my block if I'm rowdy

No limit tatted on my arm

Only dead niggas doubt it

niggas fighting on my verse when i mothafucking curse

from the ghetto to the clubs all i see is mean mugs

From the southside, we dem southside niggas (4X)

[Silkk the Shocker]

picture me giving fuck about these niggas feelings

mean mugs nigga ain't nothing but 7 figure thugs

and niggas still fighting in clubs nigga, what

Say the wrong words

talking bout throw yo hood up

and matter a fact

that bitch whoa now, throwing up the third

nigga nigga nigga, two guns usually how i walked the streets

take everything steep that means i don't be flossing no beats

So i give a fuck if you do, give a fuck if you don't like'em

I say Ahhhh and everybody start fighting, ( What's Up )

nigga murder murder and kill kill the shit is real

guard yo grill

nigga what, straps up

niggas getting they caps filled

I'm thugged out

niggas fight till the blood out

nigga used to be playing in the clubhouse

now he comin out the drug house

nigga what it's Dirty South

Ya heard about

nigga murder clout

we ain'