Who I Be


[Master P]

Silkk the Shocker after completing your duties

on this Charge it to the Game

You're now ranked the highest soldier in the No Limit army


Master P the colonel, lieutenant, wise, Big V, hope

Prime Suspect, C-Murder, Mac, Fiend, Mia, Serv, Craig B

KLC, Mo.B, and I'm Silkk the Shocker

[Master P]

Fuckin seven stars, ya heard me

Ain't nobody touching you, soldiers

It's time for you to lead the pack

(Kane and Abel, Mystikal, Gambino's, Tscott)


Give me some mutherfuckin room as I kick open this door, ahhhhhh!

(See a nigga been waiting on this shit)


Well I'm here now, so you ain't got to wait no fucking more

Cause I've been running this bitch from New Orleans, to Korea

Ask you ass like Veya,Cause I want a million like Aaliyah

Nigga, I got nothing but six triggas, rollin wit six niggas

Six triggas, run a check on you with six digits

Nigga what you mean. I be quick nigga

Everybody got a heart from the smaller ones, to a big nigga

And ya'll know I don't play, Not go on, and I don't stay

See, you know I'm bout G's

Look, cut the blunt open,and lace it wit weed

Cause tonight's the fuckin night

When i get down and fuckin dirty to earn me some stripes

At first it's going to be kinda hard to shallow

MasterP: Uhhhhhh


Cause I lay this one down right

for the North, East, South, West

Stay on the line so you can follow

I'm going to bring the ruckus

Going to take my No Limit chain off

but not unless I'm in the bed

and it get to hot while I'm fucking



Discussed ya'll can't touch us, Ya'll some busters

If ya'll looking for us, we ani't hard to find

you know were we at bitch

Now what bitch

MasterP: Soldier


Silk: Who I be


Silk: What