End Of The Road



?? how I miss my homies so

I don't expect y'all to understand this

Cause y'all ain't never lost nobody

But imagine the closest person to you

See everybody feel it

But some of us

Feel it more than the rest

Just think about it

It only add

More to the stress

I try to live my life day by day

And ignore the rest


I can feel life

More than I feel death

Split second

And picture

The family's being torn

I gotta tell my little nephew

His dad wasn't around

To see him being born

When we get older

Playing with our kids

He just sittin' all alone

You know what his last birthday wish was

He wishes daddy come home

And while I'm at the funeral

Contemplating sittin' in strap

He looked up to me

Gave me a hug and asked me

"Silkk, where my daddy at?"

Question I couldn't answer

Tell him a vacation

And somehow I wish

If I tell him this enough

Maybe one day

He just might forget


I guess I'll be seeing you

At the end of the road (end of the road, I'll see y'all there)

You know it ain't easy

Lettin' my homie go (end of the road, I'll see y'all there



Now I learn ??

I miss my homies so

Even though

My homies gone

Try to be strong on my dawgs

Used to hit me

But I'm home alone

All the memories I got of you

Shining like the sun

I used to invite you to my house

We used to fight

Who gone sleep in the top bunk

We used to

Throw rocks

To the cops then we'd run

We was so tight

We got caught

Both of us

They got just one

I remember dawg

We just like

Kick back and laughed

We grew up a little bit

Life made us choose a

Different path

You chose to get a job

And I sold and dealed

You choose to go to school

And i chose the streets

I w