No Limit Party


Ungh! [let's get ready to rumble]

Where ya from? Where ya from? [ya heard me]

That 3rd Ward. Time to start this fight, you fuckin right

Bitch, get off me, buckle up nigga!


Who run this bitch, we run this bitch

That bout it shit, we started this shit

Cause ain't no party like a No Limit party

I'm a No Limit Soldier for life

So fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggaz)

Fuck ya'll bitches (fuck y'all niggaz)

Cause all hoes suck dick

(All niggaz lick lips)

[Mia X]

Nigga, I bet you gotta bitch on the side

But I gotta 9 on mine and it's about that time

That I spit the game like it's supposed to be spat

Cause niggaz ain't worth shit except for lickin cat

And fixin flats, after I done stuck yo shit

Cause I'm the wrong ghetto bitch to be fuckin with

The roughest bitch, you wouldn't wanna bust them, bitch

If I'm the same ho that had your mama huffin, bitch

And puffin, bitch, and yes I'm known to suck some quick

Cause I done told you once before the ladies run this shit

We run this shit, ever since the last true lick

And yet ya punks still screamin all hoes suck dick

But fuck that shit, cause niggaz love to suck them lips

And lick that clit, and pay yo bitch to lay yo bitch

To say they hit, ho stuntin ass tricks

Uh uh, sweatin tired sayin they quit

Is that it?

Now ain't that fake

No stars for your chest, I coulda had a V8

Mia X is known to take a nigga for his keys and Gs

Government and cum and then they extra fun

Cause all niggaz buy pussy, cry for pussy, lie for pussy

Live for pussy, steal for pussy

Rap for pussy, kill for pussy

Even though they try to stunt

They leave they folks stuck out behind a fat, hairy cunt

Up front, when a nigga start to trip

Ha ha, laugh dead in they face cause they just talkin shit

(Do the ladies run this muthafucka, hell, yeah)

Do the niggaz run this muthafucka, hell, yeah


Bitch ge