Somebody Like Me



For real, I know we from different sides and all

and I ain't even gon lie, I'm a thug

but i got a guestion for you

could you see yourself fallin for somebody like me

what's up?



So what you wanna do

a girl like me, a guy like you

what we could do

it's whatever baby anything that we want to

will i fall for a thug like you

[Verse 1]


Could you see yourself fallin for somebody like me and um

in fact if you could

i got money now

can you see yourself if you had to move back up in the hood

now during sex lay there i'ma have to ask if it's good

this rap stuff stressful let's go see if we can relax in the woods

when i first met you at the bus stop lookin all shy-like

tellin your friend how much that you hated my type

but I'm ready to change,

I'm willin to put the game on it, put the range on it

put powerful things on it

sooner or later probably have tattos with my name on it

now look i like to live fast, addicted to cash, the 45 on the dash

and you know me, if you know me, o.g. i'm down to act bad

i need a more than a friend but not quite a relationship

a girl when i come off tour i can't wait to get with

not the stupid chick the one i probably could vacation with

you gotta go somewhere you know what boo go ahead

take the six

now you gotta make a choice either wrong or right

you tried before maybe you just need a thug in your life

what's up




You keep, keep on askin me

if I, say if I wanna be with you

the tough part is to think i could

fall for some body like you

[Verse 2]


You advanced, took a couple chances and shit

chances with bricks, couple chances now you sittin in

mansions and shit

you done gambled with this thug and won

you know what i'm sayin it's thug life

cock the glock, pop the glock, drop the top and run

I can't change