[Master P]

Mother fucking M - R - period

MR. Master P

MR. No Limit Records

Cause we selling shit out the walls

My nigga Silkk

Ya'll gonna call him

MR. Silkk the Shocker

After this mother fucking shit

Ya'll better believe that


Mother fucking M - R - period

Don't call that nigga shit

[Silkk the Shocker]

Check this out

[Master P]

Yah heard me?

[Silkk the Shocker]

MR. lady-hitter

MR. hit the momma and the baby sister

MR. creep to the house while you out and hit the baby-sitter


You don't wanna mess with me

MR. like jaw-shaker

MR. always been bad

MR. always wanna tag

MR. like umm law-breaker

MR. sneak on up

Or should I say

MR. like rob a nigga

MR. No Limit affiliated

Or should I say

MR. like mob figure

MR. like trigger happy

Or should I say

MR. like gun powder

MR. I don't love them hoes

MR. I be finished in like 1 hour

MR. always wear a condom

Or should I say

MR. like Latex

Never go bare

I don't care

MR. call me like safe sex

MR. Silkk

Or should I say

MR. I'ma shock the world

If you can't find your old lady

MR. I got your girl

MR. Versache wear

MR. I got you there

MR. infared

Where ever the dot go

MR. I'm gonna pop you there

MR., MR., MR. who I be

If you can't call me MR.


[Chorus x3]


Call me what the fuck you want


As long as you got MR. in front

See I be quick with them hands

So you can call me

MR. handy man

My brother

MR. ice cream

You can call me

MR. candy man

MR. money maker

MR. honey taker

MR. funeral director

Turn a nigga off

MR. under taker

MR. i got em cheap

So you can call me

MR. wholesale

MR. its the for sure sale

Got girls from California like Oakdale

You might see me here

You might see me there

But I