Just 'b' Straight



People always talkin 'bout (I'm what, say what? I'm what, say what?)

You're a hustler (I'm what, say what? I'm what, say what?)

I don't care what the others think, just be straight with me (I'm what

say what?)

Verse 1-Silkk

Huh? Huh? Huh?

I know I take chances to make sure I'm sittin tight

do I get how I live, sometimes I don't get it right

my gold and platinum plaques make you know what we did

have the whole world wonderin what Silkk The Shocker, Master P did

see it ain't no limit, it's only the beginnin

why cuz all y'all want us to fall, and hit the wall

it'll only take a minute, an see I gets the bomb tree

Beats By the Pound shit, it's ???, rolex, an baguettes all around me

I take this out the ghetto an live up on top

takin flights, an shoppin sprees, ??? on yachts

see money don't change me, make me live a lil bit good

took some of my, family members, an my homies out the hood

see we ghetto millionaires, far away when we meet

i think they watched us P cuz about when we speak

see I'm too deep to change, everybody know my name

I guess I gotta charge it 2 da game


Verse 2-Master P

UGHHH! Green money, I like to count honey,

my only bad habit that I like to sell B's honey

we hot check the Billboard spot

24 g's an P's to make a club rock

now they violent, gotta get it rowdy

peep game gotta Benz, Lex Luger in or out it

don't hate me, the money don't make me

it's gonna take 200 million just to break me

cuz I'm a soldier, I thought I told ya

I like that doja, but hate the rollers

Crystal, greed, an hinace, got cream

makes a brother in a Bentley, from the ghetto

there ain't no limit cuz we livin large

bought a rolex, a yacht with a gold card

you done lately, your girl wanna date me, in my grill

for, UGHHH! an I'm straight g


Verse 3-Silkk

I guess