It Ain't My Fault 2


[Craig B]

What's really happenin?

This shit again for the 99

Silkk The Shocker, Mystikal, and Craig B

It still ain't my fuckin fault

Ya heard me?


[Silkk The Shocker/(Mystikal)]

(Uh ohhhhhh!)


It ain't my fault

(Did I do that)

It ain't my fault

(Did I do that)

It ain't my fault

(Did I do that) x2


That's right my meat and potatoes come from my lyrical label

I throw my rhymes for No Limit like Jeff George throw for the Raiders

Don't cut the head off a hater, don't cash the check that they paid ya

Jump in a Deville or Mercedes, Lexus or Navigator

Five hundred niggas talkin bout what they goin do, how they goin ruin my day

Not none of them niggas be talkin like that when they come round my way

Hold your mouth as tight as you can, whatever you don't loosen your lip

I make your tightest hardest rapper brush his teeth with my dick

I'm strict, I'm rich, I'm young, I'm black, I'm set

I got it, I hold it, I run it, I do it to death

I'm hot, I'm dirty, I'm oiled, I'm strapped, I'm done

Don't blame it on me if the police find a pistol and blunt

Chorus x2

[Silkk The Shocker]

Ahhhhh, lemme get it started, respect that I can finish

You talk about goin to war, if you knowin you can't win

We'll make our money make cash, with no gimmicks

I ride the tank and my back reads No Limit

Mistah rowdy rowdy, write a book about it

Every rhyme, all the time you make a hook about it

Money I count it, but it ain't enough

Heard I had chicks around me, chicks I can't touch

Since I have niggas around me that ain't goin bust

If you ever see like that you know them niggas aint with us

It ain't my fault if my name spell cash

It ain't my fault if your girl got my name tatooed on her ass

It ain't my fault if your concert can't sell out half the show

It ain't my fault if you do twice