If It Don't Make $


Steped out my house wit some Daniel Greens on
House wit Versace and shit but I just throw some jeans on
Picked up my phone,called my niggas but they wasnt at home
Shit mo like this(beep,beep)leave a message after the tone
Front back side to side in my 64 just cause I rap everyboby see me everybody
start to hit the floor
I be like ugn ugn dog I don,t do that shit no mo
Everybody come on everybody get they jewels and wallets and shit evrybody get
up of the floor
See I got a benz I can choose either the white or the black one
Dollar billz I stack um
Hallz full of platnium
Ugh un and ya'll don't want to try to jack son
Last nigga that tried,he died
Wish you could ask him
Use to walk In the bank be like I know he a thief
Now I walk to cash my checks with no I.D.
Everything I drop picture this It got to be sick
Like he ain't far from C.E.O. so that nigga got to be rich
Put It like this every week of the year cop me a six
Do the sports year one year then cop two lottery picks
I'm tryin to ball I could give a fuck what yall got
My motto Is why get a car when I can buy the car lot

If It don't make dollas It don't make sense
If It don't make dollas then It just don't make sense
If It don't make dollas It don't make sense
I'm bout to represent I'm to get presidents

It's like mo money mo money mo money
No Limit the only way to go know why cause that's foshow money


I went from, holdup I'm trippin ahhhhhhhhhh oh yea I know I went from rolex's
to better rolex's
The plane kind to the kind with big head bezel's
Cutlass to benzes to a house on the hill
Worth more than a mill and I still keep It reel
I got more style nigga than haircuts
Let my nuts hang to the floor they bigger that beer nuts
Now you can ask p when you she him he'll tell ya dog I'm priceless
That's why my jewel's and shit will remain iceless
Now either your with me or against me dog
You did'nt like me before you really ain't gone like me no why I ain't
begining to ball
I did charge It to the game nigga In less than two weeks
So I'm a take my time on made man and do It In 3
Now when I rap ya'll gone to have to feel my flow
Other rap niggas make one hit and never hear them no mo
That could never be me though
Before I stop silk the shocker then turn C-E-O
Money money money thats all I know
I'm trying to figure out I'm trying to have enough to get all my dogs up out
the ghetto


It's like mo money mo money mo money no limit the on way to go
Cause that's foshow money


If It don't make dollas then I don't want to make It
If it don't have four or five zero's behind it I don't wan't to take It
If it's a lexas why get a three when I can get a four
Why drive a five when I can drive a six
If It's the dope game why buy a once when I can buy a brick
Instead of buying a four I brought a four five so I can hide my wrist bitch
See most of my time Is spent up in the air
I'm on a airphone talking down to the mayor