Got Em Fiendin'



A little something something. Lights, camera, action.


One for the G's two to make them jump

Three for the hoes tha be fiedin' for this ghetto funk

Got 'em fiendin' for the ghetto funk

Got 'em fiendin' for the ghetto fuk (x2)

Master P:

Alize whipped up cranked up ouee

Got two freaks in the jacuzze

Wanna do me, me and my homie

I ain't trippin' on a motherfuckin' roni

Hit the club start bumpin' jumpin'

Gat in my drawers and a nigga still humpin'

On this hoe but the bitch can't fee the gat

TRU niggas and you know we fully strapped

Hit the nigga talk shit put they light out

Otherwords X niggas out like whiteout

Roll through the town mob with my niggas deep

Don't give a fuck about those hoes or the police

Got a bee pe on my way to the telly

Stop and get some lobster and steak to feel the belly

Hit the liquor store gots to pick up some gin & juice

Cause you know I got to have my 80 proof

Dank smoke comin' out the windows

Hit the side show bust a nigga in a Pinto

Ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party (what?)

It ain't nothin' but a motherfuckin' gangsta party

Hook (x2)

Silkk The Shocker:

Hotel motel Holiday Inn

I'm about to fuck me a girl but I'm gonna fuck her friend

Now you know um what you came to do

I be TRU baby don't believe the hype

You know it ain't about me and you

Now if you down with O.P.P. yeah you know me

It ain't no fun if my homies can't have none

Now we share skirt like air frankly I don't care

I hits and run and then I'm up outta there

Now um, baby lately you can't get with me

If (we don't love them hoes) it'all all about my business

Now I really do't care what you like and what you don't

Cause um, The only think I'm trying to is get you drunk

Now I'm a diver but I don't skinny dip, now picture this

A skinny ni