The Cause

New Model Army

Headline in the paper tells of fighting in the streets

Teenage battles; six arrested

Mutters in the council chambers, something must be done

Before our city streets become infested

And mummy turns to daddy says "where was our little boy that day

Why can't he just stay at home and watch the silver screen"

Ch: All we wanted was a cause that we could fight for

One chance for the heroes to win the day

All we wanted was a chance to see the world

In black and white instead of a hundred shades of grey

Watch the raving maniacs go carving up the night

See the barmy smiles on their faces

See the crazy bombers going cross their deadly wires

Blow themselves into a million pieces

The bands play it hard and fast go ripping through their sets

Adrenaline going flowing drink and no regrets

What do we tell our grandchildren

When they ask us about the good old days

Boring empty daytime jobs and frozen up inside

Do you not remember what your daddy told you long ago

God, how those old men used to fight

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