Ballad Of Bodmin Pill

New Model Army

Smash glass against the wall

Curse the music on the radio that the neighbours play.

Door slams, she turns her head

Watches through the window as he pulls away

Funny how your racing brain drives you so mad

When all the while you feel so numb

Too old to be clean far too young to be broken

Like an army we come

Cut back, left behind

I watched you self-destructing oh so many times

Shot down, once again

Sitting in a chair crying what am I going to do with my life?

Just learn to hide the way that you really feel

Never let them know that you're scared

But understand that you're not the special only one

Watch us now, watch us real close

Ch: How we all dance with this fire 'cause it's all that we know

And as the spotlight turns toward us, we all try our best to show

We are lost we are freaks, we are crippled, we are weak

We are the heirs, we are the true heirs, to all the world

Let's go build a fire down on the empty beach when the waves are crashing high

White heat purify, as the sparks fly up into the great black sky

Sacrifice these crutches to the crackling flames

Stand as silhouettes against the dawn

It's far too late to try to sleep now, seems I'm never tired any more

Ch: I want to dance with this fire 'cause it's all that I know . . .

We are lost we are freaks . . .

And we try our best to show . . .

I am lost... I'm a freak ha ha.

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