Drummy B

New Model Army

The bonfires blazed across the city, the smoke swirling into the sky

We were standing shoulder to shoulder, Billy McCann and I

Our faces ruddy and burning as we stared into the flames

But I know now the things that we saw that night were not the same

Ch: And I see you as I walk away, standing by your barricade

It's all over now between us - Billy McCann goodbye

So we'll sit up at the bar for the last time the way we used to do

And I'll toast the love that you showed me and the faith I gave to you

And we can drive out and watch the sunrise from the top of the Glenshane Pass

And I won't make you answer the questions I've always tried to ask

Ch: And I see you as I walk away standing by your barricade

And though you never will forgive me, Billy McCann goodbye

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