Brave New World

New Model Army

The office lines are busy and the girls are working hard

Tonight they'll be out clubbing with their boyfriends busy wishing they were

Gentlemen please take your seats, there's champagne in the boardroom

Let's drink a toast to prosperity, tell the waiting pressmen that

No, there's nothing wrong here, nothing at all

Remember locking all the doors before you went to bed

Then waking with those racing dreams ringing round your head

The future's full of shining cars on shining tarmac roads

Cutting through the wasted years and all the old abandoned tracks and

No, there's nothing wrong here, nothing at all

So keep that smile on your face, have a drink to help you sleep at night

They got what they desired - We're passive in their brave new world

We are not young and beautiful, we are not rich and bold

And we are not your people who bought the dreams you sold

And we hate your smiling faces and we hate what you have done

We hate your patronising and we hate your cold blue eyes

And we all feel this raging and we all feel the same

This crazy blinding fury that we cannot explain

And we all see reflections in our lover's eyes

We live with so few troubles but with so many, many lies and

No, there's nothing wrong here, nothing at all

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